IMG_20161217_151724403If you’ve come to this site, it probably means you are thinking about doing a CELTA, are due to start a CELTA, or have recently completed a CELTA. Hopefully this site has something to offer you no matter which of these categories you fall into.

Who am I and why do I think I can help you?

My name is Katie. I’ve been involved in English language teaching for 17 years and I’ve been a CELTA trainer for 13 of those. I’ve done CELTA training as well as other training work involving primary and secondary teachers in countries ranging from the UK, to China, to Azerbaijan. As a trainer I’ve worked on upwards of 80 CELTA courses and this has helped me gain valuable experience about how you can get the most out of your CELTA course and your teaching as you take your first post-qualification steps.

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I’m co-author of Oxford University Press’s latest elementary level course book; Navigate.

Along with my friend Thomas, I designed and made the materials for the website zappenglish.com which provides authentic self study materials based around natural conversation. Check it out!

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