Introducing…Language Life Support!

Most teachers (including us here at celtatrain), need grammatical help every now and again. We will soon be releasing ‘Language Life Support – everything you need to know in order to successfully analyse language for teaching’ and over the next few weeks, you can have some sneak peeks…for free! Click on the links below as we add them – enjoy!

language life support – present perfect simple

Language Life Support – past perfect continuous

Language Life Support – first conditional

3 Replies to “Introducing…Language Life Support!”

  1. These look like a great reference for trainees. Can you include a really clear note to say that they should make it relevant to their lessons? I can see some trainees downloading it, removing your website address and submitting it as their language analysis!

    1. I will do that Sandy, good point. Although unless a centre is asking students to choose any language point they like to analyse, they would always have to adapt in the same they would information from say, Teaching Tenses or CCQs and timelines. But I take your point and will add words to that effect 🙂

      1. They do, but your analysis is much closer to what they would have to produce, and I can see some trainees not realising that it has to be recognisably their own work! 🙂

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